Specifications port waters

SPECIFICATIONS Vung Ro port waters

(Allowed to welcome domestic and foreign ships from entering and making goods;
Quy Nhon port authority under management)
A. Access channel:
- Length 2.8 km (from Buoy 'O' to the wharf)
- Wide 300m (from 150m axial flow to each side)
- 12.3 m minimum depth to water level of the 'O' charts

Two. Bathymetry:
- Width: 80m (from the edge toward the bridge)
- Length 120m (120m along each side of bridge)
- Minimum depth of water up to 6m of 'O' charts

3. Turning basins:
- Center the following coordinates:
Latitude: 6 N = 12o51'59''
Longitude: E 0 = 109o24'26''
- Radius: 100 meters from the center toward the sides.
- 11m minimum depth to water level of the 'O' charts.

4. The wharf (wharf):
- Length: 78.1 m
- Width: 19m
- The minimum depth at pier: 6.3 m
- Allowed to receive ships of 3,000 DWT or less.
Five. Equipment: 01 700cv tugboats, 01 KATO 25 ton crane, 03 ton crane 20, 02 grabbing bucket 1.5 m3-2, 5m3, 01 forklift 3.5 tons.

6. Warehouse 01 2.570m2 warehouse and yard space: 20,000 m2

7. Cargo handling capacity: 1,500 tons / day (working time 24/24);

8. Bay Area and the average depth:

- Area: 15 km2, sheltered bay capable of receiving ships up to 50,000 DWT cargo.
- Depth: 17-18m