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Great value of the irrigation system Dong Cam
Update: 17h51 - 07/09/2012
On 09.07.1932, the Governor General of Indochina PASQUIER solemn inauguration of the organization and put to use irrigation systems empathy. Over 80 years of exploitation, irrigation systems Dong Cam several times to fix the upgrade should still standing and took the plastic life of Phu Yen hometown.

As one of the few greatest works of the twentieth century, Phu Yen Province, irrigation systems Dong Cam make a mark etched deep in the memory of the of Phu Yen generations.
Since its inauguration in use, irrigation systems Dong Cam has deeply transformed the rural areas plain Tuy Hoa, Tuy Hoa variables become the granary of central and important raw materials sugar cane sugar factory synchronization before the August Revolution.
In the war against France, Dong Cam live circuits ensure plain Tuy Hoa play barn resistance role not only of Phu Yen, which also contributes to more hospital food for the Central Highlands and the South Pole. The fight to protect and maintain the irrigation system operation Empathy is one of the epic and heroic labor songs in the war against France. Can say, Phu Yen revolutionary promote self strength, self-reliance in the two resistance wars against foreign aggression is extremely important contribution of Dong Cam system.
After the liberation, the live circuit Cam continued plain blue cover for Tuy Hoa create new feats in agriculture and new rural construction. We have extended the lifeline same commitment beyond the initial design, to reach out to the fields south of Tuy An.
Associated with irrigation systems Dong Cam inland transport system is very complete, effectively served the cause of industrialization and modernization of rural areas.
In the current period of modernization, irrigation system The strategic commitment to ensure food security in the province of Phu Yen both immediate and long-term. Regardless of the stage of development of country, rural development and food security is one of the vital factors contributing to the stability and sustainability. Irrigation systems Dong Cam in the history of the development process in the province of Phu Yen has special importance on the political, economic, cultural, social, and national security, there is going to be continued significance in the industrialization and modernization of the province.
To promote the value of the sum of the irrigation system Empathy, need to exploit the effectiveness, sustainability, safety throughout the system, environmental hygiene, people join hands protect the dam clues and canal systems; promote the cultural and historical values of the irrigation system Dong Cam in depth source. In addition to honoring the ancestors who died during the construction of the dam, the need to build a beer battle to remember the heroic events Dong Cam dam protection and commemorate the martyrs who sacrificed in the process of maintenance keep the circuit alive hometown the two Patriotic War. Irrigation systems Dong Cam deserves to be honored as a source address of present and future generations; is one of the ideal locations to develop ecotourism, excursions and spiritual travelers Hotels in other provinces and international friends; continue to invest to build the dam Dong Cam become a destination full of interesting, attractive.
On this 80th anniversary of the inauguration Dong Cam irrigation system, we respectfully thank the French scientist, Vietnamese, Laotians, including Prince Xu-phase-nu-loops (former Chairman Lao People's Democratic Republic), along with thousands of people in the labor and officers and soldiers bunkered during the survey, design, construction, operation, exploitation and fight for the same dam committed in history. Party, government and people of Phu Yen has been worthy successor, continue to promote the efficiency of the blood of our ancestors had used for building bones and protection to the new stage of development of the land water, to live circuits homeland always pride of extra homeland Yen.

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