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Great efforts of the trade unions at all levels
Update: 04h45 - 05/08/2021
Social insurance, health insurance (social insurance, health insurance) is a guarantee to replace partially offset income for workers (employees) when they get sick, maternity, occupational accidents and occupational diseasescareer, retirement, death, and health care. With the function of protecting employee rights, trade union organizations at all levels in the province were advocating the employer, the employee and the relevant proper enforcement of the Law on social insurance, health insurance.


Many employees in the unit, the enterprise now know their rights on social insurance policies, health insurance. Typically, in a number of non-state enterprises, employee requires social insurance, health insurance in the labor agreement when signed labor contracts with employers. On the business side, while their labor recruitment also publicize rights to participate in social insurance, health insurance of the employee. Positive results that come from the efforts of industry functions in advocacy work, including the important contribution of the union. Ms. Nguyen Thi Phin, Head of Policy, Social Economy Province Labor Federation said: "The more employees interested in social insurance regime, most employees work in the business sector. The questions that the Office of Legal consultancy of Provincial Labor Federation received last time, most of the questions about the social insurance policy, health insurance, unemployment insurance. So, in the propaganda as well as through examination of the union or of interdisciplinary inspection team, we always question the registration of social insurance for employees. It is also an important criterion to evaluate the quality of trade union organizations to contribute their voice to protect the legitimate interests of the employees. "

Many trade union in the enterprise organization propagating the Law on social insurance, health insurance through other forms of social insurance as invited officials to report at the conference of workers and employees, integrated into the organization learn enforcement labor law, leaflets, notices on local bulletin, issued to the employee handbook in the mode of social insurance, health insurance ... Tran Ngoc United, Chairman of Trade Union Construction Co., Ltd. and Square reports The Tuan (Tuy Hoa) said: "The unit is widely reported on the local news the latest information on social insurance to the employee said. Sometimes they remind staff to ensure business benefits for them. " More cautious as JSC Phu Yen to print instructions right on the screen of the social insurance ceased working the steps enjoy social insurance, unemployment insurance, etc. to facilitate the people who enjoy contact mode, limiting the expense or embarrassment to the settlement in the relevant agencies. Positive attention and full responsibility of many trade union helped employees enjoy legitimate rights, and more acutely aware of their responsibility in labor relations. They are protected when engaged, the full benefit of the statutory regime. The nature of fairness in labor relations and social security was evident from this.

Confirming the role of trade unions

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phin said, recently, social insurance and Phu Yen provinces Labor Federation signed the Regulation interdisciplinary collaboration to strengthen and coordinate the dissemination, monitoring, policy enforcement law on social insurance and health insurance. Accordingly, the focus of policy advocacy law of social insurance and health insurance to workers; focused information on workers at agencies, units and enterprises in order to strengthen the development of the trade union establishment and development of participants social insurance, health insurance. At the same time, mobilize labor units used strictly legal social insurance, health insurance, ensure the rights of workers.

Department of the provincial people's social insurance often receive complaints about the mode, mainly on entitlements. Wu Hung, Head of Inspection - SI province, said: Most object to here is the work in the business, the farm, some units have been dissolved. This shows that, among the provisions of the Labour Code, employees are very interested in the social insurance policy. But the fact that many people are not aware of the provisions of this policy, including social insurance usually resolve in units and agencies such as: sickness, maternity, convalescence and health rehabilitation, labor accidents ... In many cases, the employee did not understand the Social Insurance Law should have been business owners ignore the rights, settlement is not satisfactory or shirk responsibility, to the detriment of the employee, leading to urgent matters and complaints complaints had happened. In contrast, many cases employees required benefits exceed the provisions of the law, the effect of time and effort to explain the use of labor ... This is partly due to the propagation of functional restrictions, but also the responsibility of the trade union as little attention to this work.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Van, deputy chairman of the provincial Labor Federation, said: "Each year, the trade unions at all levels have organized hundreds of speeches and policy guidelines, the social insurance under the new rules, advising workers employees better understand their social insurance policies to protect their rights under the law. Some trade union organizing seminars, direct exchange to achieve an agreement and raise awareness for workers, avoid complaints and claim benefits of social insurance against the regulations. In the working of the program, every six months, a year, provinces and districts Labor Union Labor Federation, the city directly or coordinating organizations involved specialized testing, participate in interdisciplinary inspection team to monitor the implementation of the labor law, which focused on the implementation of social insurance in the unit, now. Through it, the problems in the implementation of the Law on social insurance, health insurance policies are promptly detected and discuss the effective removal ".

By Provincial Labor Federation, through checking the enterprises in the province, can realize the majority of enterprises have established trade unions, social insurance, have registered to participate. This is remarkable about the efforts of the trade union, confirmed the role of representation, support for workers rights workers social insurance, health insurance.

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