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Development of plantations
Update: 18h06 - 07/09/2012
In 2011, the area planted up more 4.000ha from 2010. Forest cover in the province at 35.1%, to strive in 2015 to 39% and 45% in 2020, contributing to reduce erosion, washing away about 1.4 million tons of earth and rock annually.

The province has natural than 506.000ha land, which near plantation 57.000ha and about natural forest 125.000ha. Phu Yen is continuing to promote the production forest through the 5 million ha of forest area near 37.000ha. According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the total reserves of timber production forests and forestry land than three types of forest planning up to 1.3 million m3. Mr. Phan Van Cong, Department of Forest Protection Department, said the industry is implementing the project assignment and lease and recovery of forest land in 2011-2015. Accordingly, in 2015 the completion of the assignment, lease about forest 165.000ha and forest land. FPD is implementing the first phase of this project.
Local Dong Xuan is the largest plantation area of the province, in 2011 planted forest 1.260ha focus, an increase of 23% over the previous year, simultaneously exploit 1.320m3 wood. District Chairman the same Xuan Vo Jonathan said, district are direct related industries, the communes in the district continue to implement the projects KFW6, FLITCH, planted forests, alternative production fields to the people ethnic minorities; rubber tree planting projects, scattered trees, a combination of effective use of forest land has been allotted, improve people's lives; while enhancing the inspection and supervision of the implementation of afforestation project economic regulations, environmental protection and ecological harmony of interests between people now ... Strive in 2012 planted 2,000 ha of forests centralized and distributed 2 million trees, improving the coverage forests at the rate of 35%.
In 2011, Song Hinh district also planted 530ha of forest focus, bringing coverage to 41.6%. In 2012, Song Hinh district continue to promote economic development through the implementation of good forest plantation projects, striving to late planting 600ha forest focus, raising the forest coverage rate to 42%; time to step up the propaganda to raise awareness and responsibilities of citizens in the protection and development of forests.
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, to the end of 2012, the province will planted production forest 3.800ha, care than plantation 10.100ha and regeneration of nearly 2,000 ha, and planting two million trees scattered. However, at present, the level of support for low production forests should not attract a lot of people involved, especially the poor living near forests as ineligible. Meanwhile, the burst of the gold-digging treatment, find fall ... Packaging losing a large amount of labor involved in planting, tending.

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