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As a promise
Update: 18h20 - 07/09/2012
As a promise, three years, while those who work in the field of music excited to celebrate Vietnam Music, Literature and Art Association of Phu Yen province organized art exchange program with the participation ofnumerous musicians and artists in the neighboring provinces.

Evening, even waving slices rain song numerous members of the Association of Literature and Arts in Phu Yen province and music lovers in Tuy Hoa to restaurant Jade Peninsula, attended the art exchange program with the participation Music of FA, FA Musician Vietnam Province: Binh Dinh, Gia Lai, Phu Yen, Theatre dance music synthesis Dam San (Gia Lai) and folk dance team Starfish. From Hanoi, elite artists - great musicians, Chairman of the Arts Council - Vietnam Musicians Association of Phu Yen to attend the program.

After the opening dance song repertoire them to sea village (composer: elite Artists Music Cao Huu, arrangements Xuan Huy) by the top men and women Association of Music and Dance Association of Phu Yen represents elite artists Nguyen Ngoc Quang, chairman of Phu Yen Literature and Art, Director Association Association of Vietnam in Phu Yen Musicians welcome speech brothers musicians, artists from other provinces were reunited in the coastal city of Tuy Hoa , at a time when the country honoring the music and those who have been devoted to music.

And then the voice of Quynh As, Khanh Page, USA As and Thanh Van rapture. Thach Bi Son songs take the listener back to the open ground, with the breakup followed a young country ... With the negative effects of ca tru, Thach Bi Son - new compositions of composer Ngoc Quang and Van Korea has severe just anxiously, gives the audience a lot of emotions.

More than 10 songs are represented in the art exchange program not only off the endless stream of feelings to his native country, beloved Uncle Ho, but also take the audience away from the land to other lands on the strip of land South Central lovingly, from Phu Yen whispering known sea with boisterous rhythms in the fishing villages to cook Binh Dinh country with many famous products with the name of nostalgia, from the Highlands vast red earth, vast wind in English Beijing Translated Goongden People love ... The audience feel warm, loved to hear two voices Bach Lan and Thanh Hai (Music Associations Binh Dinh) singing Who Made Brown (composed: Training Minh Tam), flaming fence along Y B'Lin and H'Uyen Nie (Gia Lai Music Association) Find the festival village (poetry: Pham Duc Long, music: Ngoc Tuong), emotion upon hearing the United States Phoenix (Chi Assembly Music Binh Dinh) sing Send sea ru words (poetry: Nguyen He HH, music: The Propaganda), please exchange perturbed to hear Lim Ka (Association of Music Phu Yen) moon song composed by him, optimistic the U.S. As (Music Association Phu Yen) Singing a love ... In particular, the with the fishermen song - composed by Tan Phat (Music Association Phu Yen), vocals anxious and extremely expressive of Thanh Van (Association of Music Phu Yen) did those present at the Jade Peninsula auditorium quietly away at how feeling contains, before the sobbing wait and desire the happiness of the woman marine origin. Phrase the item fishermen there won a gold medal at the professional dance music festival national phase 2 was held in Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak).

On stage to communicate with brothers musicians, artists, Ngoc Tuong musicians, dance music Theatre Director General Conversation San (Gia Lai) confessed that he has come to Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen) a bit late but have felt a lot of fun on this land. As musicians Dao Minh Tam Binh Dinh expressed his love for country cooking, not just on the track but also in the word confided simple, sincere.

This is the third time Phu Yen Literature and Art Association organized arts programs welcome Vietnamese Music, not only to honor but also music fraternity attached to the Office of Arts, branches in the provinces in the region. Night art exchange warm feelings by the lyrics to the music, because the hearts of those who work in the field of music for each other.

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